Behavior Specialist Consultant- (LBS)

Staffing Plus, Inc. is currently contracting Licensed Behavior Specialist (LBS) and Non Licensed? Behavioral Specialist Consultants providing consultation across the home/school/community setting.

The BSC conducts observation and assessment of target behaviors, formulates a plan to improve functioning, and oversees the implementation of an individualized resiliency plan to teach replacement skills to the child. The BSC provides consultation across the home/school setting in order to assist the child in generalizing skills.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

? Collaborate with other members of the resiliency team in order to design and direct the implementation of an individualized behavioral therapeutic plan to be implemented in the child?s natural setting/s.

? Observe child in the home/school setting as part of the initial assessment in preparation for designing the intervention plan & ensure clinical interventions are properly formulated

? Design data collection tools to be used by therapeutic support staff, family, teachers, the child and/or other designated community members in order to accurately assess effectiveness of established therapeutic interventions.

? Develop resiliency plan and instruct other members of the therapeutic team (including teacher, teacher?s aides, other school personnel, family, TSS, and/or other designated individuals providing direct service or supports to the child) in their roles and responsibilities in implementing the established interventions.

? Complete and submit accurate and timely documentation (resiliency plans, encounter forms, progress notes, addenda, continuous support plans, FBAs, initial assessments, incident reports, ITM summaries etc.) by assigned deadlines.

Master?s degree or higher in school, clinical, developmental or counseling psychology, special education, social work, professional counseling, behavioral analysis, nursing or another related field.

Degree must include clinical course work in the foundation of behavioral health and the provision of mental health services (e.g. individual group and family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, crisis counseling, abnormal psychology, psychopathology, assessment, child development, personality theory, psychotherapy lab, clinical practicum). Other courses may be considered as determined by transcript/syllabi review.

Must be able to provide Master degree and official transcripts as well as proof of BA degree

Verified post-master?s experience providing mental health treatment to children

One (1) year experience using behavior analysis/modification techniques

At least 1 (one) year of experience involving functional behavior assessments of individuals under twenty?one (21) years of age, including the development and implementation of behavioral supports or treatment plans.

Current State Required Clearances (Criminal Background, Child Abuse and DPW FBI Fingerprinting), Current Physical and PPD screening &Current CPR and First Aid Certification are a MUST to start all cases!

Licensed Professionals?are required to deliver services to individuals under 21 with Autism, BSC-A.?Professional licenses may include: Licensed Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist or PA Licensed Behavior Specialist Consultant

Non Licensed Professionals:?(can only provide BSC service to non ASD individuals).


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