Business & Entrepreneurship Specialist/Teacher - Summer Camp

Position Summary
Our Major Camp team consists of Specialists/Teachers with backgrounds in education, art, theater, music, fashion, sports business, science, technology, engineering, etc. The Business & Entrepreneurship is dedicated to sharing knowledge, implementing ESF curriculum and teaching methodologies, encouraging campers to solve thought-provoking questions, work collaboratively in teams, and to develop and present a final project.
Position Scope Factors
Program Description(s): (All programs listed are offered for Grades 5th-8th.)
Junior Business Academy: Dream Lab-Ideation & Design Boot Camp-Explore the design thinking process through various creative challenges, problem solving activities and brainstorming sessions; all designed to enhance your entrepreneurial mindset. Form innovator teams and identify a global, community or individual "problem" that requires a solution. Explore the difference between a product and a service and through critical thinking, creativity and collaboration get to work creating a product or service that will solve the issue at hand. After hours of ideation, prototyping, end user interviews and refinement, your prototype will be solidified and ready for market. Powered by The Jack Welch Management Institute.
Junior Business Academy: The Perfect Pitch-Marketing, Advertising and Business Communication - You've got your BIG idea, now it is time to communicate it to the world. Create a value proposition for your product or service that sets you apart from others in the market place. Study some of the most popular advertising campaigns of all time and what made them successful. Explore the pervasiveness of ads in our lives and discover how to communicate your product through the power of words and images. Create a marketing plan, persuasive sales pitch and multimedia advertising campaign including print, web, social media, and/or TV to promote your product or service. Powered by The Jack Welch Management Institute.
Junior Business Academy: Restaurant Inc. - Expert Tips for Creating Your Own Eatery - Carve your niche it the food industry by creating a restaurant or food service company! Explore various restaurant service styles, cuisine, and consumers. Research an ideal location; collaborate on a pricing strategy and hiring requirements; decide upon a theme, and design your d?cor. Strategize on marketing and advertising campaigns, as well as daily and seasonal promotions. Collaborate with your team to build a unique brand for your eatery and create a business plan and marketing strategy that will set you apart from your competition. Powered by The Jack Welch Management Institute.
Junior Business Academy: Sports Biz - Take Your Game to the Next Level - Do you have a passion for "all things sports"? If so, then now is the time to gain insight into this billion dollar industry and take the first steps to exploring unique business opportunities in this multi-faceted market. Ever consider opening up a sporting goods store? How about designing sports apparel, safety equipment or hydrating drinks? Ever consider photo journalism, sports photography, or sports video game development? Collaborate with your team to build a unique brand for your sports company and create a business plan and marketing strategy. Powered by The Jack Welch Management Institute.
Junior Business Academy: Business that Give Back, Companies with a Purpose - Do you believe that anything is possible and that you possess the power to make a difference in the world? If so, then this course is for you! Explore what it means to be a Social Entrepreneur. Discover how you can change the world, one idea at a time while making a difference on a local, national and/or global scale! Learn about companies that are committed to making positive social and environmental impacts on our planet, while driving innovation and transformation. Collaborate with your team to build a business model for your profit or non-profit company that is infused with social responsibility and creates positive change in the world. Powered by The Jack Welch Management Institute.
Junior Business Academy: Tech Start-up, Inspiring Transformation in a Digital World - Ever think about turning your garage into the next great TECH Start-up? Do you have an idea for a cutting-edge app, a hot new game design, or an innovative technology solution? How about a faster, better way to connect people or a creative online product or service? Realize your dreams and ambitions, and invest time, energy and brain power into generating the next great TECH idea. Collaborate with your team to build a business model for your Technology Company that will compete with the likes of Apple, Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, Amazon, and more! Powered by The Jack Welch Management Institute.
A Major Camp Specialist/Teacher teaches a minimum of 1 class but may also be considered to teach various programs at 1 or more locations.
Local teaching opportunities:
Haverford, PA at The Haverford School
Essential Job Responsibilities
Inspire campers to think creatively, critically, and innovatively
Immerse campers in Business & Entrepreneurship through hands-on, authentic learning experiences with exposure to "real world" experts, special guests, and field trips
Empower campers to explore the world around them and solve real-life, practical issues that engage their hearts and minds
Impart your knowledge and expertise as an instructor, resource and guide while campers navigate the scope of the curriculum
Lead campers in the learning process through the use of 21st Century skills such as: innovation, creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, ethical decision making, collaboration, team work, time management, empathy, and leadership
Guide campers as they prepare for their ultimate group project
Organize and prepare daily lessons plans and participate in exciting field trips
Use effective classroom management skills to lead the activity and create a fun environment where everyone feels included
Effectively communicate using clear, concise and grammatically correct written and oral language in all aspects of professional interaction with campers, families, peers and leadership
Work effectively with fellow Team members and collaborate on daily responsibilities
Complete assigned paperwork
Serve as a positive role model to campers
Follow the ESF Code and maintain the ESF Look at all times
Exhibit ESF Core Values at all times and to adhere to all company policies
Other responsibilities as assigned
Attend all required pre-camp trainings and submit necessary background check paperwork
Have fun
Experience Requirements
Previous business experience required
Prior classroom and/or camp experience (or comparable experience) is preferable
Previous experience teaching children is preferred
Education Requirements
Minimum of a Bachelor's degree
Teaching certification (preferred)
Reporting Relationships
Reports to and takes direction from Major Camp leadership staff. In addition, you may take direction other camp directors. May also take direction from, and is overall accountable to, the Site Director.
Working Conditions and Physical Requirements
Ability to push/pull, lift and carry a minimum of 35lbs
Endurance to work outside and on your feet for 6-8 hours per day
Ability to respond to emergency situations which may require running (up to 1 mile in some cases) and climbing stairs.
Good physical condition which enables candidate to execute all responsibilities associated with this position
ESF, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All candidates who meet the qualifications are encouraged to apply!

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